Thursday, 20 March 2014

A Long Time Gone

Just a quick post, to say Sekhmet Says is back on air.

Have had a few extremely busy years, with a few health problems but am now feeling better than ever and going to use this blog to fight for the Liberty of all people. If that means you no longer wish to follow the blog, that is fine and not a problem. Hoping that we can use this blog to wake some people up to what is happening. Found it interesting that I read the post on Your Naked Body and could still totally agree with what I wrote then. Also my post on Obama appears to have been more than accurate, looking at what is happening currently.

Sekhmet was an Egyptian Goddess of War but also healing, the healing bit I have always done, the war bit is becoming more and more important as we are living at a time when, if we do not as people stand up and unite and say NO MORE - we will probably end up either dead or enslaved by the New World Order. Please do not think the NWO is a figment of my fevered imagination, it is not, and I will try and set out their plan and how they think we will all eventually either die (because they are killing us) or be slaves (by dumbing down the children and making people unable to see any further than Dancing with the Stars on telly).

Hoping to have a chance to post very regularly.

For those interested, a link to a pdf document that is the book Behold a Pale Horse by William Cooper, one of the first books I read after I realized that 9/11 was a False Flag event designed to create massive terror and a willingness in the people of the world to accept draconian security measures and fake wars all in the name of 'security'.  It is a good read and will give you a basic understanding of what is happening in our world, and how long this has already been planned.

Back soon for more, keep the faith - we are all sovereign beings and there are MORE of us than there are of The Powers that Were (TPTW)

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