Friday, 25 December 2009

Liberty is Popular

I am a graduate of the now infamous University of East Anglia, in Norwich, England. It used to be known as a good University, with several departments earning high grades in the overview of University departments in England. One such department was the department of History, where I studied. Another department that got a very high ranking was the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) - which recently has become world famous for the great scientific swindle which it has perpetrated. The decisions supposed to be reached at the Copenhagen Climate Conference were largely to be based on now discredited 'facts' churned out by the CRU and various other Universities around the world. Where these 'facts' did not fit the theory there were abandoned and other 'facts' were substituted. This of course has made a mockery of the whole issue of supposed Man-made Global Warming.

As a student of History, I am aware of the Holocene Maximum and the medieval Warm Period, both of which have been studied in depth, and show that global climate change is nothing new, and that sustained warming took place before man could have had an impact on the climate. I am not denying that there is pollution, and that we need to be addressing that issue. I am also not denying that we are overfishing, over-farming and extinguishing rare species of animals at an alarming rate and that all these issues should be addressed. But the Big Lie of Man-Made Climate Change needs to be addressed before we give away all our liberties and the liberties of the Developing Countries based on the sham facts produced by the CRU and other climate research facilities.

A good film to watch is here.

It is called The Global Warming Swindle and puts another perspective on this now Multi Million Dollar Industry in pursuit of an aim that we cannot reach. In fact the evidence shows that over the last several years there has been Global Cooling, so that instead of speaking of Global Warming, the powers that be now have quickly changed their tune from Global Warming to Man-Made Climate Change.

To read more interesting posts and find out how this whole sham of Climate Change fits into a much wider agenda, I recommend visiting Pyrabang and also keep up to date with The Corbett Report. Liberty is Popular and we need to inform ourselves of all angles on an issue so that we can see where and when our liberties are eroded and what purposes are served by the erosion of our liberty. I love the new Seal of Pyrabang - for those aware of the ideas of the New World Order and the symbolism of the Dollar Bill this will have immediate appeal, for those not aware, wake up and start to do some research.

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