Saturday, 11 April 2009

Do Not Carry Cash or Else...

I heard this little telephone tape on the internet, and thought it might be interesting.

A man was detained at an airport because he was carrying a lot of money. He had no weapons, no bomb making materials, no harmful substances, just a lot of money. He was questioned about where the money came from and what he was going to do with it. Luckily, he had one of those smart phones that with one press of a button starts recording, without anyone else knowing you have switched it on. You can see/hear the video here -

What really interested me is that the man is a supporter of the Republican Congressman Ron Paul, who has become persona non grata with the Republican Party for several reasons, such as requesting an audit of the Federal Reserve and a return of US policy to a policy of Isolation instead of policing the rest of the world. The man was carrying Ron Paul bumper stickers and leaflets for the Campaign for Liberty, but the police who questioned him did not actually know that. That was lucky for the detainee, as I believe the harassment would have been even worse if they had known.

Apparently some Police Departments have actually issued instructions to their staff that if a car sports a Ron Paul sticker it is likely that the owner of the car has 'terrorist leanings' -see more about that here. How scary that a man who was legitimately elected, and who is questioning some of the policies of his own government, can be so side-lined that his supporters may be harassed legitimately just for being his supporters.

It does not matter whether one agrees with Ron Paul and the Campaign for Liberty, any more than it matters if you agree with Barack Obama or not, surely the issue here is one of free speech, freedom of association and the right to carry any amount of money you like without the fear of being harassed. At the moment you have the right to carry a weapon, but not money?


  1. Freedom and liberty in this country are not what they used to be and with each passing day become something that only receive lip service. This used to be a great country, one of the best, but those days are long gone. There is an agenda here and the good of the people has no place on it. It is, frankly, quite terrifying. What is even more terrifying is that the vast majority of the population are sheeples glued to mainstream media and swallowing blue pills by the handfuls. When offered the red pill, they turn away from the crazy person and point and laugh. The real insanity is being detained because you have cash. *Too much* in some underpaid civil servant's estimation.

    If there was any chance that Ron Paul could have overcome the ballot manipulation and won, he would have been assassinated, as his beliefs have no part on The Agenda. We like to keep our presidents on a very short leash here...we being those who are realllly in power.

    I always look forward to new posts from you, you find the most interesting things to discuss and address them with intelligence and thoughtful insight. Bravo!

  2. It's terrible that the US government are picking on single men in this way. I say, "single" because there's no way a married man would be able to have enough money on them to arouse any sort of suspicion.