Tuesday, 10 March 2009

The truth is out there, but only if you know where to find it

There is increasing evidence that most of the major world media are in the hands of a few families. I do not want to bore you with an elaborate explanation of why this is so, suffice it to say that what you read in the papers or see on the television has been censored before you are allowed access to it.

Unfortunately this means that few of us ever have access to all sides of a story. The internet seemed to provide a means where independent journalists from round the world could voice their story, without editorial disapproval. Even the internet however is censored, and people like Jeff Rense and various other commentators are having to keep moving Hosting Companies in order to get their point of view across.

Now, you may or may not agree with what Rense has to say, it does not really matter. The fact is, that we are allowed to express our opinions freely and people have the right to read those opinions and agree or disagree with them.

It is therefore refreshing to find a site like Pyrabang, where in addition to people posting advertisements for their business opportunity, a little search of the archives will find many articles and films relating to the Other Side of the News. I have spent many hours reading posts and watching videos, and although obviously you have to use your own discretion on what you believe and what you discard, at least it wil give us a choice about what we read and view, rather than just watching what the mainstream media label news.

I recommend you have a look next time you see the ad for Pyrabang popping up somewhere. Yes, you can earn money on Pyrabang as well, but even if that is not your main intent, just joining to get access to the wealth of information that is there is worth doing.

My link for Pyrabang is http://pyrabang.com/go/sekhmetgb

May see you there :)

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